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CD Review: Big Hit In India by John Ford

Sure this CD came out a few years ago, so some might think me a little slow on posting a review. My defense is that it’s my damn ears, so I review whatever I want! And quite frankly I have reached the stage where very little brand new stuff grabs my attention. I’d rather disembowel myself with a plastic butter knife than delve into the ugly world of Rap. As the saying goes about works of art ‘I don’t know nothing about paintings, but I know what I like’.    

Big Hit In India caught my attention because of John Ford’s long and illustrious career. He was also a very key member of a 70’s band that as a young man I was very much a fan of, The Strawbs. Also he has the best hair do on the planet!

There are two schools of thought about what to do after your name is no longer in neon lights outside the theater. Some musicians rest on their laurels and enter into the long middle age of forever being trapped in the world of the years gone by. They climb on the  treadmill of forever being on the road, playing the same songs, for ever shrinking crowds. Some years ago I had a conversation with an aging british rocker who put it bluntly “I play 200 concerts a year, I play the same songs that I did 40 years ago”

John Ford comes from the second school, yes he plays some old stuff that the fans want to hear, but he also plays a great deal of new compositions. What I really like about John Ford is that you never know what to expect next. He cut his teeth playing the electric bass, but he equally at home playing lead, or acoustic guitar.  

Big Hit In India is a great example of cleaning the closet. Out with the old, and in with the new. The title track says it all!

This song is so delightfully biographic of the music industry! The lyrics are just fabulous. It tells the story of an aging rocker discovering fame and fortune in Bollywood! The words are so good that I asked John Ford for a copy. John alas only plays the Guitar, he feels limited on the Keyboards, so it was his wife Jill that had to do the task…

“Big Hit In India” – John Ford  ©Whole Shot Records

You know I love you baby
Everything’s alright
But I’ve got to grab a suitcase
‘cause I’m flying out tonight
I woke up early this morning
Looking for a new career
Now I’m off to play in Bollywood
Ain’t nothing happening here


It’s been a hard nut to crack
They’re gonna recreate the Summer of Love
The Maharishi’s coming back
Yea I’m a Big Hit In India
And it’s where I’m gonna be
I’ve got a sellout crowd at the Taj Mahal
They’re all strung out on LSD
And they’re trying to get to me


I can’t get on the radio or on TV
They tell me that I’m much too old
for this music scene, ah, but I love you baby
You know you’ve gotta be strong
I’m selling records in the third world
And it may not last for long

 The track Big Hit In India is a big hit all around. Great music track, upbeat and just sheer fun. A far cry from Ken Hensley’s (Uriah Heap) rather somber 2007 release Blood On The Highway which explores many of the same aspects.

The entire CD is just a great piece of creative work. Big Hit In India is a must have for every music lover.

You can grab your own copy of this great CD from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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