Sunday, February 23, 2014

HP VoiceTab devices surface at MWC 2014 as market expands

hp_slate_voicetab_04 Last month HP announced a couple new devices, the Slate 6 VoiceTab and Slate 7 VoiceTab, that were intended for the Indian market. The devices, running Android, qualify as either small tablets with voice call capability or large smartphones. HP has announced the devices have undergone some re-design work and are now destined for some European markets and the Middle East, in addition to India, this May. In going back for additional design work, HP appears to have picked up on some HTC design cues by adding some front facing speaker grills to the top and bottom of the device. Like many other manufacturers, HP is also preparing to produce the device in several colors. Technical specifications are still mostly unspecified. The current iterations of the devices, still in prototype form, run Android 4.2.2 although this could change before the devices hit the retail market. They will come equipped with a quad-core processor, though which one is unknown. The cameras are only 5MP and 2MP, front and rear respectively and the screen is only running at 720p resolution despite the large sizes. The latest pricing information puts the VoiceTabs starting at around $340 off-contract, where they should fit in with the lower end of the market they appear to be targeting. Be sure to check back for more coverage from MWC 2014 as the event gets into full swing. source: The Verge
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