Saturday, March 15, 2014

8-core smartphones not expected to be big sellers in 2014

mediatek_cpu Even though smartphones equipped with 8-core processors like the Samsung Galaxy S 5 will be available in 2014, analysts and industry sources don’t think they will be big sellers this year. Two factors seem to be weighing on the prognosticators. First, manufacturers are still focused on quad-core models and supplying these for entry-level and mid-level devices. This will be especially true for white-box handset vendors in China. In many cases, although handset manufacturers have indicated they will support 8-core processors, the design process is not completed to have these deployed. While that work is still in progress, chip manufacturers like MediaTek are maintaining a significant price gap between 8-core and quad-core chips, which eases the pressure to accelerate adoption. Second, there is a concern that mature markets have become saturated at the high-end and growth is moving down the spectrum. Sources point to concerns that the Galaxy S 5 will not sell as briskly as Samsung is hoping. The combination of manufacturing limitations and expected softening demand for 8-core smartphones points to 2015 being the year when growth really starts to accelerate. source: DigiTimes
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